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About us

Earth Angel Farm (EAF), a 501c3 nonprofit, was born out of a necessity to create healthy opportunities for people living with physical, and developmental disabilities.  Social isolation, lack of purpose and our national paradox in healthcare has left many individuals without hope and has instilled a sense of despair.  


EAF is actively collaborating with like-minded nonprofits, professionals, and community members to make the much needed change. Needed change in our own mindset of what is health, how to achieve health and realizing that the resources for change come from within ourselves. This begins with the understanding that the basics of health are seeded in our thoughts, words and more importantly our actions.  


Earth Angel Farm advocates healthy change for those we serve with physical and developmental disabilities by breaking down barriers, establishing resources, and fostering kinship.

If you want to learn more or become involved with the EAF Farmhouse Project through your talent, time or financial support, please contact Earth Angel Farm at 330-856-5003 or email us at

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